Company Profile

Who is Finer Power Transmissions?

Finer Power Transmissions Pty Ltd is an independent Australian owned family business that is proud to be Australia’s only genuine wholesaler with one of the widest ranging Mechanical Power Transmission product assortments in Australian, New Zealand & Pacific Region.

The collective experience of Finer Power Transmissions’ directors and major supply partners; Kaga Industries Co Ltd (Japan), PIX Transmissions Ltd (India), Sugiyama Chain Co Ltd (Japan) and HKCB (China) represent over hundred years expertise in manufacturing, customer service and distribution.

The team at Finer Power Transmissions founded by Chairman – Max Forster who is the former owner of Gwenmax Bearings & Transmissions Supplies Pty Ltd that has close on 40 years industry experience.  As the former owner of a retail bearing and transmissions business with multiple branches throughout Australia, Max understands exactly what independent resellers need from a wholesaler.

Now lead by his two sons Greig and Mark (Joint Managing Directors), Finer Power Transmissions is a family run organisation that is committed to working closely with independent resellers for the collective benefit of all.   

What does Finer Power Transmissions do?

Finer Power Transmissions is a direct importer of an extremely large range of Mechanical Power Transmission products that are supplied solely through a network of “Distributors” to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region.

Finer Power Transmissions through their associated partnerships is proud to be the exclusive importing agents for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Region on the following world reputed brands.  

KCM Roller Chain (Japan)  
SY Roller Chain (Japan)
PIX Belts (India)
KCP Couplings (Korea)
SEAGULL Oil Seals (Taiwan)
NBR Bearings (China)
DON-DYE Idler Pulleys (USA)
AETNA Idler Pulleys & Sprockets (USA)
PTS Strongbelt (Germany) 
SDTZ Bearings (China)
Roll-Ring Belt tensioner (Germany) 
FYH Bearing (Japan)
Fenner Drives Belts (USA)
EMS Force Engineering adhesives (Turkey)

All of Finer Power Transmissions “Associate Partners” are single brand manufacturers ensuring the consistency of high quality products.

In addition to their range of quality products from single brand manufacturers Finer Power Transmissions stock a large range of generic products, which are competitively priced and readily available.  
When did Finer Power Transmissions start?

Established in 2003; Finer Power Transmissions Pty Ltd was founded by Max Forster (Chairman) who combined his understanding of the retail market with his unparalleled product sourcing skills and international partnerships to create a business that supports independent resellers to service local markets and compete against larger organizations.

Finer Power Transmissions has experienced substantial yearly growth to now be one of the largest independent wholesalers of Mechanical Power Transmission products in Australia New Zealand and Pacific Region

Where is Finer Power Transmissions located?

Finer Power Transmissions Pty Ltd has branches (distribution centres) in Victoria (Head Office), New South Wales and Queensland distributing products throughout Australia, New Zealand and Pacific region.  

How does Finer Power Transmissions maintain a competitive advantage?

Finer Power Transmissions’ unique ability to manage international supply sources and maintain multiple exclusive agencies of single brand manufacturers for the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific region is one component of our competitive advantage.

Finer Power Transmissions keeps an extensive range of Mechanical Power Transmission products in large volumes and is constantly sourcing new lines in an effort to give distributors access to a supply channel that allows them to service all of their customers’ power transmission requirements.  

Finer Power Transmissions is proud to be Australia’s only genuine wholesaler in the mechanical power transmission industry.  Finer Power Transmissions ONLY sells to resellers/stockists of power transmission products.  Finer Power Transmissions do not supply or quote end users, contractors, OEMs or any individual or business who is not a stockist and reseller of mechanical power transmission products.  

This means that the independent distributors work freely with Finer Power Transmissions knowing that they have a business partner and not a competitor.  


Finer Power Transmissions is a family run business with Max Forster as the Chairman and his sons (Mark & Greig - Joint Managing Directors) driving operations with the rest of the Finer Power Transmission team.  Finer Power Transmissions’ company structure means that you get instant access to key people in the business that can make immediate decisions to meet the demands of any situation.  This personal approach is how Finer Power Transmissions’ manage to establish mutually beneficial working relationships with all of their distributors.  

Why work with Finer Power Transmissions?

-    Extensive Mechanical Power Transmission & Bearings Product Range
-    Competitive Pricing
-    Quick dispatch
-    Fast Internal Sales Response Times
-    Technical Support
-    Regular Sales Representation
-    Local Area Marketing Support
-    Joint-importing Opportunities

As Australia’s only genuine wholesaler it means that resellers who work with Finer Power Transmissions are not competing against Finer Power Transmissions but establishing long-term business partnerships.   

In addition to knowing you will not be competing with your supplier; Finer Power Transmissions extensive range makes them the best supply solution for mechanical power transmission and bearing products.
With Finer Power Transmissions being an Australian owned family run business it means that you will be working closely with Finer Power Transmissions on a personal level and with aligned objectives and challenges.  

Based on Finer Power Transmissions commitment to expansion and working as partners with their distributors; the growth will be mutual.

'Australia's Only Genuine Wholesaler'